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National Charity League

I've had the great opportunity to film the live events of the National Charity League with chapters in Southern California. I'd love to film your chapter in this next graduation season.

My Process

I approach your event like the luxury celebration that it is. I personally orchestrate the filming process, and bring all of my professional film gear. I usually bring one or two camera assistants who are experienced videographers. I use four or more cameras so as to ensure I capture all of the actions and emotions of the evening. Not only do I capture the entire event, and have that in the video chronologically, but I also include behind the scenes footage of the family portrait sessions and personal interviews with each graduate. Making this a one of a kind video that you will all want to watch in years to come. 

What you receive

I put all of the footage together into the full chronological event from beginning to end. But to start it off I create an introductory montage including each graduate, and the behind-the-scenes footage of their family photoshoots. Whereas the final video is usually just over an hour long I create an individual webpage for the video to be hosted on and break it into easy to navigate sub chapters, so that you can watch each specific graduate's portion and the key moments of the event based on your preference and selection. You can download this video to your device or computer to save forever; as well as even watch it on your big screen TV with a few easy steps, to share with family and friends. 

Watch full examples of previous events.
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Below is an example of the website that all of the families receive when I deliver the completed video.